Dunkleys was established as a butchery business by Simon Dunkley's grandfather shortly after W.W.I. When Simon's father joined the family business he expanded in to handmade pork pies, meat pies & sausage rolls.

Simon Dunkley, the current Managing Director, is a third generation pie maker and now runs his family business out of its new factory in Northamptonshire.

Today, Dunkleys is the dominant manufacturer of pies and desserts to the pub retail sector. Pies and desserts on pub menus are within the top 5 selling items in all pub-restaurant categories.

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“Hello, I’m Simon Dunkley. My family have been making pies for three generations. My chef’s create the finest fillings and combine them with my Grandfather’s pastry recipe to make our delicious pies and desserts. I hope you enjoy eating them as much as we enjoy creating them”

Dunkleys, Davy Close, Wellingborough NN8 6XX Tel: 01933 670400 Fax: 0870 197 3964